[ Wednesday, July 16, 2003 ]


Here's an interesting item:

On June 24, the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics, a committee within HHS, had a teleconference outlining a lot of different HIPAA items, such as the status of the Transaction and Code Sets (the "impending train wreck") and various other HIPAA matters. They had one of the bureaucrats from OCR there to report on what types of complaints have been coming in on HIPAA. As you might expect, things like failure to give information to individuals, failure to have or post NoPPs, and loud voices in the reception area and hallways took up most of the complaints. This is easy stuff to fix; it's disappointing that providers haven't done a better job here. For all the confusion and chaos of HIPAA, it's the easy to do, easy to follow parts that are the falling-down point for the industry. There really is no excuse for these types of problems (except for the possibility that the folks complaining are malcontents who would complain even if the provider was doing an almost-perfect job).

You can find the transcript here (scroll down about a quarter of the way to Stephanie Kaminsky's comments).

Jeff [5:40 PM]

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