[ Wednesday, June 11, 2003 ]


Whoa. (To quote Keanu Reeves.)

Blogger had a big change overnight. I even lost my cookie and had to try to figure out what my username and password were. Thank God I'm anal enough (it's a gene on the lawyer chromosome) to have kept the original hard copy of the email from Blogger, or I'd never have remembered it.

It looks good, though, It seems to regenerate itself pretty quickly, and while the look and feel of the posting page is softer and more modern looking than the old version (where you really felt like you were writing html), the components all look like they're in the same place, only with a "help" module alongside. I've got a couple things to post. Let's see how this works. (I'm getting that deja vu feeling from when I first started blogging; creepy.)

Jeff [9:54 AM]

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