[ Monday, May 12, 2003 ]


New Phoenix Survey:

Saw this Friday, but didn't post to it until someone reminded me to. Phoenix has release their latest survey, which was taken over the first two weeks of April. In other words, on the doorstep of Privacy Rule effectiveness. The most visible statistic to come out of the survey is the level of readiness for and compliance with the Privacy Rule by its effective date: 78% of providers, 68% of payors, and 47% of clearinghouses reported being in compliance. Since this is a self-selecting survey, those numbers are probably slightly elevated. All in all, that's pretty pathetic. Those reporting less than complete compliance at least are doing the visible things (NoPPs, BA Agreements, etc.). I can't wait to see how pathetic people are when it comes to getting the transaction and code sets operational.

Jeff [10:09 AM]

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