[ Wednesday, March 19, 2003 ]


Totally off-topic, but I'm in a war mind:

Channel surfing last night, I caught a replay of Tony Blair's presentation to the House of Commons last night on C-Span. If you ever get the chance to watch the way the House of Commons operates, it can be greatly entertaining: they boo and heckle each other constantly. Last night was different. Even the Labor back-benchers who openly oppose the war did so with respect for the Prime Minister. Blair looked pretty worn out, but he sure looked like he had no lack of inner strength. Quote:

"To fall back into the lassitude of the last 12 years - to talk, to discuss, to debate but never act; to declare our will but not enforce it; to combine strong language with weak intentions - is a worse outcome than never speaking at all. When the threat returns from Iraq or elsewhere, who will believe us? What price our credibility with the next tyrant?"

God bless Tony Blair.

Jeff [5:48 PM]

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