[ Monday, December 09, 2002 ]


From an HCCA e-mail I got:

ANXIOUS ABOUT TRAINING STAFF on the federal HIPAA privacy regulations
before the April 2003 deadline? Worried that personnel won't comply with
HIPAA in their daily routines? Then order the HIPAA Privacy Training Toolkit, the
easiest and most comprehensive "do-it-yourself" HIPAA training package
available to trainers! Educators, supervisors, and compliance officials can now
both train and retrain staff on HIPAA privacy compliance . . . and not worry
about choosing the most appropriate learning materials. HIPAA compliance
training becomes a "no brainer"! The HIPAA Privacy Training Toolkit includes 6
of HCPro's Most Popular and User-Friendly HIPAA Training Products:. To order,
go to:



Jeff [2:44 PM]

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