[ Wednesday, November 13, 2002 ]


A healthcare e-mail service I subscribe to just sent out an e-mail reiterating the (now old) news that CMS will be the enforcement entity over the Transactions and Code Sets Standards. Says the e-mail, from HIPAA Newswire:

CMS Chief Operating Office Ruben King-Shaw, Jr. says a new office will be formed to handle the task. "Concentrating these CMS responsibilities in a new office with a single mission will give us the most efficient operation possible, while providing strong support for all our partners in the health care community," he maintains.

Enforcement of the HIPAA privacy standards remains with the HHS Office for Civil Rights. CMS and OCR "will work together on outreach and enforcement and on issues that touch on the responsibilities of both organizations - such as application of security standards or exception determinations," according to HHS.

While this is pretty old news, it made me think of something: CMS is a covered entity under HIPAA, since it fits the definition of a "plan" for HIPAA purposes. AND, CMS is now charged with enforcement authority under HIPAA. Pretty sweet deal, getting to be the enforcer of a law that regulates you.

Jeff [2:20 PM]

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