[ Thursday, September 05, 2002 ]


Yet More OT (hey, I'm on a roll):

The Priscilla Owen nomination to the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit was rejected on a party-line 10-9 vote. This is a woman who was elected by a fairly substantial majority to the Texas Supreme Court. Some ask, why wasn't her nomination pushed hard by the White House?

I'd guess rope-a-dope. This midterm election could result in a change of party leadership in both the House and Senate. Given the power of incumbency, I don't think the House will change hands (but I do expect the Democrats to pick up a few seats). But there are plenty of close Senate races, and the Republicans now have some pretty good ammunition to use against their Democratic counterparts. This, along with the stupid 9th Circuit "pledge of allegiance" case, give the Republicans something to at least energize their base, if not capture some swing voters: there are vacancies on the courts (and that matters, as the Pledge case proves), and the president and his high approval ratings can't get qualified people nominated; vote Republicans into the Senate to help him

Jeff [3:40 PM]

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