[ Monday, August 26, 2002 ]


Something interesting recently crossed my desk: the latest Technology and Emerging Business Update from Jackson Walker's tech law group. In it, my good friend Collin Hayes has an article on the European Union's Directive on Data Protection. The "Directive" (dontcha just love Euroweenie-speak?) is the EU's comprehensive rule on the privacy of personal information, sort of Graham-Leach-Bliley meets HIPAA. Actually, GLB was at least in part a response to the Directive, which restricts the ability of European companies to deal with companies in other countries unless those countries have similarly-restrictive laws or the companies they deal with agree to the EU level of privacy.

If you regularly deal with EU citizens' personal information, of if you handle information in one of the EU countries, you need to make sure you comply with the Directive. Quesions? Ask Collin at chayes@jw.com.

UPDATE: Collin's piece isn't up on the jwtechlaw website yet, but when I went to look at it and put a link in the post above, I came across something from my partner John Koepke on other electronic records and privacy issues. It's worth a look too, although even further removed from HIPAA than the Directive.

Jeff [9:43 AM]

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