[ Wednesday, July 17, 2002 ]


Here's some more interesting information from the article linked immediately below:

"Tom Byron, chief information officer for the Washington Hospital Association, said a study done last year for the American Hospital Association estimated privacy-training costs for hospitals nationally will range between $4 billion and $22 billion - $1.5 million for a typical midsize suburban community hospital, $4.3 million for a large single-site suburban hospital, and $1.6 million for a single-site rural hospital.

"Physician practices will suffer some hefty cost increases as well, but just how large is hard to say. "Putting a price tag on this has been fairly challenging," said Bob Perna, health-care economics director for the Washington State Medical Association.

"Perna said a 1999 study for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association estimated that complying with HIPAA will cost physician practices nationally about $148 million the first year and $155 million in subsequent years, for a total five-year cost of $769 million."

Jeff [10:24 AM]

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