[ Wednesday, April 03, 2002 ]


Speaking Engagements in the Near Future. I'll be speaking along with Pat Johnston of Texas Health Resources to a group of Harris Methodist physicians in Ft. Worth this Saturday, and Pat and I are scheduled to speak to a group of Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas physicians the following Saturday, April 13. On Friday, April 19, I'll be speaking in Austin before the Texas Health Information Management Association, at the offices of the Texas Hospital Association. E-mail me if you'd like information on any of these opportunities to hear more about HIPAA.

Also, Amy Reddell, one of my associates from Jackson Walker's Houston office and a fellow HIPAAcrat, will be at the 4th HIPAA National Summit in Washington later this month. If you're going to be attending that confab, be sure to look Amy up and say hello.

This Friday is a meeting of some of the folks instrumental in putting together a Texas "SNIP" program (strategic national implementation process) to be part of SHARP, the Southeastern US SNIP. The SNIP is intended to serve as a cooperative industry group that seeks to develop best practices and provide a forum for HIPAA professionals to compare notes on where their companies are in the process and how they are implementing the requirements of HIPAA. If you're interested in participating, drop me an e-mail and I'll get you hooked in.

Jeff [10:39 PM]

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