[ Tuesday, April 09, 2002 ]


Bad news on the curling webcasting front. So far, I've been unable to log in and catch the curling live. Surprisingly, when I look in the Dallas Morning News sports section, there's no reporting at all on the curling world championships. You can find out which University of Georgia players were arrested recently, or the results of the first round of the Estoril Open (Portugese tennis), or National Basketball Development League championship series, but nothing about curling. We're talking world championships here. What a shame.

You can catch the scores, standings, and results here. But it's not as good as a webcast would be. (By the way, the US men are doing well, tied for 2nd with the Canadians, but the American women need to get it in gear if they want to make the championship round.)

Jeff [2:56 PM]

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