[ Thursday, March 28, 2002 ]


More OT (off topic) coming today, if I get the chance.

As for on-topic items, keep your eyes peeled for HHS to produce the form request for a one-year extension to the data set rules. They promised it by the end of March, tomorrow's Good Friday, and Monday is April 1. So there's a certain propinquity to today being the day.

Also, last year on this day (OK, not the calendar year, but the liturgical year) was when HHS surprised all of us by adopting as drafted the Privacy Rule. This was published as a part of the late December "reg dump" of the Clinton administration in its death throes, along with unscientific arsenic in drinking water rules, unworkable ergonomics rules, restrictive western land use rules, and others. HHS reopened the comment period for an additional 30 days and teased us all into thinking they were going to withdraw and rewrite them, only to drop a bomb on us on Maundy Thursday and adopt them as written. So, today would make for a good anniversarial repeat.

Jeff [10:01 AM]

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